Mossad Depravity & How They Fooled the Whole World


Mossad's Depravity & How They Fooled the Whole World

If Mossad Director had an epiphany and 'saw the light' today, then immediately defected and started streaming online about what the spy agency has been up to over the years, the world would be shocked by the diabolical nature of the revelations.

Amazingly, most people would not believe what he was saying was true – Because it would be too sick and demented, for them to conceptualise.

Naturally, Israeli government would be quick to discredit him.

If they said that the Director had been informed that he was being retired early because he had become 'mentally incapacitated' - and that was why he 'claimed to have defected' - a lot of people would heave a sigh of relief, because finally, 'a logical explanation about the unbelievable things the Mossad Director was saying had been given'.


Most Western countries are currently grappling with uncontrolled mass immigration.

A lot of people realise that it is a massive human trafficking racket.

This racket involves destabilising countries in the Middle East, Africa & Latin America; People in these destabilised countries would do anything to leave their failing countries; Human traffickers 'help' these people to travel to Western countries...

What is not obvious in this racket is that Mossad is at the heart of this scam.

While certain motivations for this human trafficking racket are easily discerned, others aren't.

For instance, Mossad uses this scam, to also traffic their IMPOSTORS into these Western countries.

NB: These IMPOSTORS are people sent by Israel to different countries while young – mostly in Africa & Middle East – present themselves as natives of these countries, while sabotaging these countries from within, in order for them to be CONQUERED by Israel.

In the case of human trafficking to Western countries, some of the people so trafficked are the Mossad's IMPOSTORS.

With Mossad already having their Sayanim in all Western countries, addition of the IMPOSTORS gives them extra-ordinary advantage in their attempt to also conquer the Western countries.

Therefore, it is not possible to effectively thwart human trafficking to Western countries, without first recognising Mossad's central involvement in the racket.

Mossad works for Israeli government.

Therefore, recognising Mossad as a terrorist organisation means that you must recognise Israel as a terrorist-supporting country.

For many Christians, this is untenable.

That is why, even if Mossad Director defected, and started explaining how they have been doing these crimes, and even other worse crimes, a lot of Christians wouldn't believe it.

If they believed Israel is a terrorist-supporting country, what would that mean for Christian Zionism and JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY?


1. Supporting Israel, and opposing mass migration to Western countries is an oxymoron.

2. The people migrating to the West - minus Mossad's IMPOSTORS - would happily choose to live in their own countries, if these countries had not been sabotaged and destabilised.

Therefore, the entity sabotaging these 'migrant-source countries' should be considered an enemy of Western countries.

3. If Mossad was forced to obey international law, and stop ALL espionage & sabotage activities in other countries, most migrants in the West - minus Mossad's IMPOSTORS - would happily return to their home countries, without any prompting.


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