Political Puppetry in Kenya


In the past 1 year Ruto has been in power, Kenya's cost of living has risen to the highest level in the
country's history.

The shilling is at its lowest value in history - and it is still weakening.
What is going on?

In August 2022, 50Kwh of electricity was costing sh793.83.
1 year later, in August 2023, same 50Kwh was billed at sh1,344.00.

An increase of 69.3%.

In 1 year of Ruto being in power, electricity bills have shot up by more than two-third...

Ruto is only in power because powerful non-African entities are pulling all strings they can pull, to
keep him in power.

They claim that they are protecting Ruto's regime, because "Kenya is too important to fall".

But they never explain, why is it that, when an African country is led by a patriot, they never
consider that government "too important to fall" - e.g. Patrice Lumumba was not considered "too
important to fall"

William Ruto: The Puppet of Western Powers
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