Puppet Betrays Kenyans


It is now obvious that US govt is determined to make Kenya their CLIENT state – Vassal state.

William Ruto has agreed to sign-off the country's sovereignty, in exchange for protection from his own people.

If this state of affairs is allowed to continue, Kenya will soon become a banana republic – A Failed state.

Can the country be saved?


In my view, this would involve a 2 Stage process: Stage I & II.

Stage II will involve 4 steps – with the 4th one being the final step.

However, Stage II cannot happen, until Stage I is completed successfully.

Auctioning-off Kenya

When Ruto agreed to auction-off the country's sovereignty to the US for personal gain, he signed several deals, that have very negative consequences for Kenyans.

Among them:

(a) He agreed for Kenya to host certain aspects of USA/EU mission against Yemeni's Houthis.

That conflict is related to the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis, where Houthis are prominent backers of Palestine.

Therefore, people out there will interpret this to mean Kenya is on Israel's side, and is actively supporting brutalisation of Palestinians.

This action by Ruto directly threatens the lives of tens of thousands of Kenyans working in the Middle East/Gulf region.

(b) He agreed for the US to have 2 new military bases in the country, to 'monitor the region'.

Already, Ruto's regime has officially been accused of involvement in ongoing Sudan civil war, and interfering in internal affairs of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Naturally, American government has its own interests in those countries – and anything negative USA will do there, or in other neighbouring countries, Kenya will be blamed, as an accessory.

This once again endangers the lives and businesses of a lot of Kenyans, yet they were not consulted before Ruto signed these self-serving deals.

Big Picture: Ruto has basically told the Americans (and Western govts, generally): "I will do anything you want, regardless of how bad it is for my country, as long as it benefits me personally".

The worst thing that can happen to a country politically, is to be led by a corrupt, unpatriotic psychopath – Because citizens suffer a lot, as the state gradually collapses.


1. Kenyan politicians have been accused of all manner of ills – corruption, greed, even murder.

But Ruto is the first to be called 'sadist' – by even people who voted for him.

Last year, I saw one relatively prominent person who voted for Ruto, state on social media something to the effect: "What made me vote for this devil(Ruto)?"

Things are that bad for many Kenyans – including those who voted for UDA.

2. Ruto's character is very similar to that of late Zaire (DRC) dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.

(a) Mobutu never felt comfortable around intelligent Congolese.

He surrounded himself with stupid bootlickers – Same case with Ruto.

(b) Mobutu was a sadistic narcissist.

All he cared about was what was good for him, not his countrymen – Same case with Ruto.

(c) Mobutu was a darling of the West – Same case with Ruto.

(d) All Mobutu wanted Western Powers to do for him, in order for him to hand over his country's sovereignty to them were:

(i) Help him become Life President;

(ii) Help him become the richest person in Africa (did he achieve that?)

- Same case with Ruto.

(e) Through corruption and mediocre appointments to important national posts, Mobutu destroyed DR Congo.

- With Ruto in power, Kenya is heading to total ruin due to similar reasons.

3. Ruto derives wicked pleasure via tormenting poor Kenyans.

Recall his land grab in Ndabibi-Naivasha, where farmers woke up one morning to meet police evicting them from their homes, allegedly because their land 'now belonged to Ruto'.

These are not millionaire farmers – they are peasant farmers, who were suddenly declared homeless and destitute.

4. Through his support by USA and other Western Powers, Ruto has managed to kill political opposition in the country.

In fact, USA and other Western Powers, through their state officials and Nairobi-based Diplomats, have directly contributed to finishing off Kenya political opposition.

Ruto has also bought many opposition MPs – Making him have at least 75% of MPs in his pocket.

Therefore, suffering Kenyans have no one to help address their grievances in the political arena.

5. Ruto currently derives his political power, not from Kenyans, but from Western Powers, principally USA & Israel.

However, USA & Israel are tied at the hip at the moment, so it is logical to concentrate on American govt propping up Ruto.

It is very important to understand the following: When American politicians support Israel (or Israeli politicians), it is because it is in their interest to do so.

However, very few – insignificant number – American politicians support their government’s actions in Kenya because they gain anything by doing that.

When American politicians (Congressmen/Senators) support their govt making Kenya a Puppet Regime – It is because they think it is good for Kenya.

That is what they have been told by their govt – Especially through state department.

However, USA state department top officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, know that what they are doing in Kenya is against Kenyan interests.

Selling Kenya for a Song
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