The main reason the ruling elite abhor freedom of speech is because if they allowed it, they would lose their power.

If 100% freedom of speech was allowed in media, social media...(very bizarre that this should even be debatable) it would, for example, be obvious to everyone that the current global migrant crisis is a deliberate plot i.e cause/effect - Powerful Western elite foment chaos in poor/middle-income countries that they want to control their resources; fund and support a local puppet militarily; country becomes even more politically unstable/chaotic; anyone who can flee the poor country flees, to the rich countries; destabilising the rich countries, too...A massive, inhumane racket.

Several years ago, I became aware of a certain media site that allowed 100% freedom of speech.

Their website allowed public engagements through comments, and also had guests writing opinion articles.

People wrote about many things that happen in the world, but not reported by mainstream media (or mainstream media slant their reporting on these matters).

Most of the writers in the English-language site were from Western countries.

But some writers were from South America, Africa...all over the world.

The website was becoming more popular by the day, because of the freedom of speech, and opportunity for visitors to learn about issues that are generally not known by the general public.

Long story short - the website owner later got cold feet.

I don't think he was pressured by anyone to close the site.

From his writings prior to ending political/news/social opinion pieces/discussions, he appeared to become shocked that the problems he thought were only in the West, were actually global...

Each day, there were tens of thousands of people from all continents, writing on the media site about unusual goings-on in their corner of the world.

I think the owner of the site concluded that, "this problem is much bigger than I thought..."

And with that, he decided to switch the site to non-political/news/social issues.

If suddenly, there was total freedom of speech in the whole world, and there was no shadow banning by search engines or social media, there would be Global Political Revolution.

We are living in a "Controlled World", where certain information is hidden from most people, because if it was not hidden from them, the current World Order would collapse.

To put it in another way: Suppose someone owns a radio/TV station:

There are certain things journalists in that media company cannot talk about. There are certain people they cannot interview. And if they did, that radio/TV station would be taken off-air by the authorities, regardless of whether the country is a democracy or not.

That is the "Controlled World" we live in.

However, some of the things that are not allowed to be discussed, are actually criminal acts, including crimes against humanity.

That is, there are powerful entities committing crimes against humanity, and most people in the world do not know about it - because if the media mentioned it, it would be de-licensed.

The world we live in is very strange.

Some call it Fake World.

Others call it the M A T R I X.
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