How Mossad Flipped Mutahi Ngunyi, Sabina Chege and Co


Mutahi Ngunyi's recent extreme boot-licking of William Ruto has even alarmed UDA supporters, who have told him to go easy on the boot-licking.

Sabina Chege's recent extreme boot-licking of William Ruto has alarmed other Murang'a politicians, who have told her to stop behaving as if she loves Ruto more than they do.

Both Mutahi and Sabina are not naive.

So, what is going on?

Mutahi has even suggested that Kenyans who do not support recent tax increases should leave the country...

Sabina has suggested that, anyone from Mt Kenya who does not support Ruto must be 'sick...'

For these 2 knowledgeable people to raise Ruto's status to that of a deity, it means there is something strange going on in their lives.

What is it?

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