Voodoo Economy


David Ndii criticises Jomo Kenyatta, Mwai Kibaki, Uhuru, but never Daniel arap Moi.

The chairperson of State House Council of Economic Advisers, David Ndii, considers Daniel arap Moi best Kenya president ever.

There are 2 reasons why David likes Moi so much:

1. As a young economist in early 1990s, David did consultancy work for several Mt Kenya tycoons, including late Chris Kirubi.

Although he was paid very well, he became extremely jealous and envious of these very wealthy Kikuyus.

Over time, this envy grew into hidden deep hate (maybe he overheard one of them referring to him as a boy, but who knows?).

He continued to work for them, but also hated them deeply - without showing his feelings - for being so rich.

President Moi also disliked most of these Mt Kenya tycoons, and believed they were fuelling opposition to his rule.

Indeed, some of them, like Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia, openly campaigned for return of multi-party democracy.

Consequently, Moi embarked on a plot to bankrupt them...

During this time, as David consulted for these tycoons, he heard them complain bitterly about how "Moi is destroying our businesses..."

That is when David came to view Moi as a good leader, "for cutting these tycoons to size..."

2. It so happens that, David's in-laws were/are very rich - old money.

Even if David was not poor - in early 1990s, he was worth around Sh1 million - he hated fact that some of his brothers-in-law were worth Sh1 billion or more.

Some of his in-laws were also targeted for destruction by Moi.

One of his brothers-in-law was actually jailed by Moi for sedition - i.e. fighting for multi-partysm and democracy.

The fact that David loved/loves Moi, who had jailed his own brother-in-law on trumped-up charges, shows how he secretly loathed his brother-in-law, for being much richer than him.

Therefore, David's love for Moi is not because Moi enacted good policies, or was a democrat, but because he tormented Kikuyus David hated just for being very rich.

Current Circumstances:

David has a big job in government. He is being paid tens of millions in allowances per year, on top of salary.

He claims that a very poor Kenyan only needs Sh500 to escape poverty.

If that is true, then his 1 year taxpayer-funded allowances would lift about 100,000 peasants out of poverty.

Therefore, he either does not believe in this economic theory, or he is very heartless.

David is not a fool.

He knows exactly why Mr Anthony Ng’ang’a Mwaura - a thief - was appointed as Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Board chairman.

If you are a thief, obviously, you will make sure that only fellow crooks get top jobs in the govt agency you head.

David knows that, this means that a huge percentage of tax collected is stolen.

Also, crooked businessmen will only be paying token taxes, and bribing tax collectors to look the other way.

David knows that, due to this eating of tax by people at KRA, who also "kick up" a substantial part of it to select politicians (as protection money), the govt has had to increase VAT & "fuel tax".

That is why petrol & other fuel is more expensive in Kenya today than 1 year ago, yet price of crude has dropped from $120 per barrel 1 year ago, to around $80 pb currently.

What is David's motive for supporting this?

1. He knows that, increased VAT and fuel prices means the poor become poorer...but most importantly, a lot of middle class folks become poor.

This means that, a person who is eating, like himself, benefits immensely...

Example: Someone wants to sell a certain property at Sh10 million.

No buyers, because most people who would have bought it, have fallen on hard times.

David offers to buy it at half price. Deal.

2. Increased tax evasion by crooks means that honest businessmen are heavily disadvantaged.

Currently, almost 20% of lorries involved in accidents are found to be carrying contraband goods, mostly ethanol.

A lot of tax-free contaminated sugar - unfit for human consumption - is also being sold, very cheaply.

Rumours of "suspicious, imported, very cheap maize" being milled...

Crooks are smiling all the way to the bank.

Honest businessmen cannot compete.

The tycoons David came to hate in his youth - and who are now aged 60+ years - are staring at a very bleak future.

David sees the rise of crooks' economy (hustler economy), as the ultimate revenge against the tycoons (their crime being they were very rich when he wasn't).

As honest tycoons become poorer, and David becomes richer, he believes he will ultimately become richer than them, and they will have no choice than to respect him.

If some Kenyans fall sick or die from being sold contaminated food items, and other dangerous sub-standard goods...he believes that is not his problem.

The Mountain

For a long time, it was believed that Luos & Kikuyus strongly disliked each other.

Yet, currently, Kikuyu from Kiambu, Nyeri & other Mt Kenya counties may need to befriend Luo MPs & request them to raise issues that affect their constituencies in parliament, because their local Kikuyu MPs wouldn't do it.


Kikuyu MPs have been given 2 very crucial jobs by their DEAR LEADER, that leaves them with no time to deal with any other issues regarding their constituents.

The 2 jobs are:

1. ATTACK any Kikuyu politician who does not pledge total loyalty to their DEAR LEADER.

2. FINISH OFF any political party that has support in Mt Kenya, and is not in an alliance with their DEAR LEADER's party.

Kikuyu people from Mt Kenya constituencies, who are concerned about lack of representation in parliament, should talk nicely to a Luo MP, and request him/her to kindly spare 1 day per week, to be dealing with their constituency issues i.e. adopt their Mt Kenya constituency, as a favour.



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