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How can the government allow cartels to make BILLIONS by importing certain commodities tax-free, yet those goods are also manufactured locally?

Isn't this direct sabotage of local industrialists?

And when this causes the shilling to fall in value, govt wants poor workers to pay the price?

How can one person - Mary Wambui Mungai - be given more than 50% of government import tenders – most of them for tax-free goods?

Doesn't that mean she must be a proxy for top govt officials?

And when this shameless corruption causes cost of living for ordinary Kenyans to become unbearable, the govt 'solves the problem' by taxing them more?

Why KRA secret agents are going after mama mboga

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Kenya Puzzle

Kenya head of state addressing senior government officials at State House, Nairobi, on August 1, 2023: “I speak to many of you on the phone...I ask you questions on programs, on projects. And, I find that many of you don’t even know what is going on in your ministries or departments. You have very scant information. The moment I know more than you in your ministry, then you must begin to understand that something is very wrong..."

Media, October 2022 (media in PDF below): "Some of the President's [Cabinet Secretary, CS] nominees face charges, including murder, rape and corruption..."

When the head of state deliberately appoints incompetent people, criminals and scoundrels to head various ministries and government departments, then complains publicly that his appointees are incompetent, what does he expect the people to do?

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Mombasa man sets himself ablaze to protest high cost of living.


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This happened in Mwembe Tayari area on Thursday, 17th August 2023.


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